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About Our App

We, Designbook are the only company across India, who are made up to serve the designer! We speak up about creativity. Flawless designs that are printed over dreamy sarees are displayed on our website as well as application, We are the leverage between those who want to sell their designs and those are interested in purchasing it. Out of multiple varieties of designs available, the buyer gets ample of options and can buy the design of his choice. Buyer can select the design he likes and can order accordingly. All and all for those who want to sell their creative designs and all those who are in search of some creative designs shall connect with us because with us one can reach potential buyers and sellers both under one platform itself. With a simple log in the process, one can step into the world where a search of designs gets concluded. We have website and application both, so now its easy to connect with us.

Fully Creative

Our website is created in such a way that for each and every design you search, you will get complete creative solution. So now one can easily get creative solution for each and every design they seek for. Moreover, one can also understand the elegance of design just by having look at it.

Easily Accessible

Any new android user can easily go through website/application. We have made it completely user friendly. Hence to search for any specific design over website/application becomes very easy. One just have to relate to the heading mentioned and figure out which design he is looking for?

Stylish Design

We believe in creating qualitative work approach, hence we believe that creativity always has an element of newness in it. Designs prompted on our website and application are not the typical ones, designs showcased here are created by designers keeping in mind taste of purchaser. Hence one will definitely get served with eye soothing and trendy designs.

How The App Works?

Download our App

Here you GO! We have built up User-friendly application, whether you are seller or buyer you can access all the features just by downloading the application. Android users can download the application from Play Store. The application supports both configurations android and iPhone.To use the application it's mandatory to opt for LogIn option, Don't worry if you don't have an account over this application, by way of simple Sign Up one can create an account over the application in fraction of seconds.


Once you are ready with your account creation, you are all set to upload your design. The designs are also segmented under different headers based on the style of outfits like Sarees, Lahenga, Lace, Butta, All Over Garment, Daman Dress so one can post designs accordingly.


The dashboard has an option of 'Request Design' as soon as once clicks over it, few details such as submitting Email Address, Contact Number, Description of the image to be uploaded one can upload image and design. One can create a description of an image or design that he aims to sell.


Now you can encash your creativity easily! All you need to do is upload your design. For those who are using the application to purchase design can find the images with greate ease. Basically uploading your design is the ultimate step towards making your design reach the right audience.

App Screenshots

Download Our App Today!

It's Easy to Understand wherein any person can use this application with great ease.
It provides the in-built option of My-Cart wherein purchasing design becomes very easy.
Designs are showcased in a segmented way, i.e Designs are displayed under the banner of Latest Trends, it showcases those designs which are running high over the trend.
Moreover, the designs are also segmented under different headers based on different kind of outfits like Sarees, Lahenga, Lace, Butta, All Over Garment, Daman Dress so one can easily search as per the requirements as well as one can post designs accordingly.